Keeping You Comfortable Is What We Do Best!

Extra Touches To Ensure Your Satisfaction

Inform and Educate Our service is to inform and educate. You make the decisions - and we can help - but we never high-pressure sell.

On-Call:  We have a NATE certified technician on call twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

ID Badge:  Our technicians are clearly identified with an    ID Badge so you can easily identify them.

Drug-Free Workplace:  We conduct random drug-testing with our staff and technicians so you won't have to worry.

Back-Ground Check:  Before hire, our technicians receive a full background check.

Training Our HVAC technicians are continually updating their technical and customer service training to provide professional & courteous service.

Uniforms:  Our technicians are professional and always exhibit a clean appearance.

Protective Floor Mats:  Our technicians always place their tools on a protective mat to prevent damage to your floors.

Cleanliness:  Our technicians retire dirty filters by placing them in a specially designed bag to prevent dust from defiling your home.

Spare Filters:  Our technicians leave extra filters at your request for a minimal price.

Date Filters Our technicians date each filter to easily determine next filter change date.

Dust/Clean Grilles:  Our technicians dust or vacuum your return grille to protect your system and to protect your indoor environment.

Clean Truck:  Our technicians keep their trucks clean and organized to assist with their efficiency.

Safe Trucks:  Our technicians keep their trucks properly maintained so that harmful emissions don't pollute your neighborhood.

Safe Drivers:  Our drivers are committed to keeping your neighborhood safe by obeying traffic ordinances.

Parking:  Our technicians park on the street or a substantial distance away from your door to prevent your driveway and cars from being blocked.

Sidewalks:  Our technicians always use the sidewalks and never walk through your flower and/or shrubbery bedding.

Stickers:  Our technicians gently remove old stickers and replace with a "Maintenance Report" sticker to each piece of equipment so that you can easily determine last date of service.

Thermostat Sticker:  After asking your permission, our technicians place a sticker on your thermostat so you can easily find us again.

Child Protection:  Our technicians always ensure that someone over the age of eighteen is at home while children are present.

Fully Insured:  Your property is covered by our comprehensive liability protection.

  • System Designed For Homeowner's Needs:  Each home is unique.  Our technicians are trained to familiarize you with all of your options for complete home comfort.

    Quality Check On Installation Jobs:  Your installation is thoroughly inspected for quality by a certified technician.

    Peace of Mind:  Our customers receive the assurance that the job will be done right, on time, trouble-free, and guaranteed.

    Reasonable Response Time:  Priority customers receive a two-hour response time.  Other response times are generally within twenty-four hours.

    Multiple Options For Financing:  We give our customers several options for financing.

    Surpass Expectations:  Our goal is to enhance the level of customer expectations by anticipating and identifying the needs of the customer and responding quickly with personalized service.

    On Time:  We know your time is valuable.  We call before dispatching our technician so that you know when to expect us.

    Accept Credit Cards For your convenience we accept MasterCard, VISA, and Discover cards.

    Excellent Customer Care:  After service, we call to ensure that you are completely satisfied with our service.

    Our Reputation:  Our Company is built by customers telling their neighbors about us.  Our customers notice the extra value they receive with each and every service.

    If you are looking for a professional Tallahassee Area air conditioning installation contractor, please call us today at (850) 576-SAVE(7283) for an in-home consultation.